Susan Menashe is known for her candid, revealing photographs, which capture the pulse and documents the life of our Community. As her subjects give themselves over to her searching lens, the inner life of a people shines through. Susan has been documenting the Seniors of the Community for the past 15 years, a project which will eventually lead to a book, showcasing the matriarchs who made the Community what it is today.

Susan's formal education includes studies at the International Center for Photography, Brookdale Community College, and The New School. Personally, she has studied with Keith Carter, Greg Gorman, Sally Mann, William Hayward, Michael Raab, and Joyce Tenneson. Her commercial accounts include Reebok, Mickey and Company, Mighty Mac, Hush Puppies, Playskool, Bugle Boy, Harley Davidson, Billy the Kid, and Baby Togs. Additionally, she has photographed for Vogue, Bambini, Parents Magazine, Woman's Day, and The New York Times.